Beatrix Potter Revisited

Sunday, November 2

2:00 p.m.

Using books, props, and bibliography, Helene Lang presents the life of Beatrix Potter, highlighting her artistic talent, her writing ability where every word is appropriate and perfectly arranged, and finally, her years as a countrywoman raising Herdwick sheep. The presentation takes her from her Victorian childhood, through the years of her little books, to her final thirty years of farming in England’s Lake District. Hosted by the Newbury Woman’s Club. Newbury, Tenney Memorial Library, 4886 Main St South, 2:00 pm.

A Vermont Humanitites Council event hosted by the Newbury Woman’s Club



An at-home reading program for little kids brought to our community by Tenney Library

How You Can Help

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Even as a home visitor you get the same benefits as parents who read to their children-touching a young mind through the wisdom, fun and joy of a shared book.

Thanks to the Winnie Belle Learned Fund of the Vermont Public Library Foundation for funding this project.

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