the hungry heart

Followed by a discussion with Bess O’Brien and local health professionals

“Incredibly moving and an important, powerful message to all those whose lives have been touched by addiction and recovery. I believe all community members, especially parents, health practitioners, legislators, educators, and faith communities, should see this film! You will never view the disease of addiction the same again.




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Freedom and Unity: The Vermont Movie 4th Thursday Film Series,

6:30 PM, January-June

Thursday, May 28 – 6:30 PM

Part Five – Ceres’ Children

Part Five takes a deeper look at some of Vermont’s cherished traditions: participatory democracy and the conservation ethic, from the ideas of George Perkins Marsh, one of America’s rst environmentalists, to contemporary volunteer groups and activist movements. e lm captures 21st century debates over natural resources, then circles back in time to show how these concerns originate in the ethics of farmers, who depended on the natural world for their survival. e disappearance of dairy farms has raised a tough question: how big is too big? How can Vermont survive in a world economy? Can Vermont be a model for small, local and self-sucient farming?
Thursday, June 25 – 6:30 PM

Part Six – People’s Power

vt movie part 6
Part Six tackles contemporary tensions over energy, independence, the environment and the state’s future. Chronicling the struggle to close the Vermont Yankee nuclear plant, it reveals the power of protest, the inuence of lobbyists and the importance of town meeting debate and a citizen legislature. It follows the battle over windmills in Lowell—a struggle over scale, aesthetics and environmental impacts—and explores thorny questions about economics, sovereignty and climate change. Finally, the devastating impacts of
Hurricane Irene reveal the power not only of nature, but of people and community.

The film will be followed by a discussion and refreshments.  Free, all welcome.

Freedom & Unity: The Vermont Movie is a six-part collaborative documentary produced by several dozen Vermont-based filmmakers.  Using personal stories, rare footage, interviews and original reenactments, the series explores the history and contemporary culture of our state–and how one small state has made a very big difference.  Each part is 80 minutes long and it’s not necessary to see them in order.



5th Annual

Tenney Fest

Tenney Memorial Library

Saturday, June 6, 2015

Silent Auction Donations Needed

The Tenney Fest is our major fundraising event and provides a significant part of our operating budget.


Need some ideas?  How about…

Gardening or landscaping services; a weekend get-away; jewelry; antiques; handicrafts; fine woodworking; a gourmet dinner for four; wool for knitting; lessons in golf, ballroom dancing, fly fishing, spelunking, beekeeping, white-water kayaking…; tree-trimming; a massage; movie or theater tickets; fine art and photographs; gym membership; a helicopter trip for two; pottery; tools; china and crystal; designer handbag; pet sitting; house cleaning; tennis lessons; a Vermont microbrew each month for a year; a private concert by a local musician; a portrait by a local artist; upholstering; house and garden plants; magazine subscriptions; maple syrup; a half-cord of firewood…

How to get your donation to us?

Bring it to the library  on Tues., 10-5; Thurs., 2-8; Sat., 9-4

Call or e-mail to arrange a pick-up or discuss a service:

          802 429-2632 or ckidder@fairpoint.net


When?  By May 21st,  please.  And THANK YOU!!