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From this site you can search our online catalog, track your reading history, and even renew books. With just a few clicks you can download audio and e-books from Listen Up Vermont, access free online classes at Universal Classes, and find out about our services and upcoming programs and events!




Mrs. Houde’s 3rd & 4th Graders from NES will read their original poems starting at 1:30pm.  You are welcome to come and enjoy the talented children of Newbury. This is a wonderful way to celebrate National Poetry Month for 2018.

MAY 6th, SUNDAY at 2:00PM

The documentary film-“Dynamite, Whiskey and Wood: Connecticut River Log Drives – 1870-1915″

  On May 6th at 2:00PM at the Tenney Memorial Library this amazing film will be shown.

      This film brings the forgotten history of the Connecticut River back to life. Every April river men drove over a quarter of a million spruce logs 300 miles down the largest river in New England from headwaters near Quebec, passing under the Ledyard Bridge before arriving at mills in Bellows Falls and Massachusetts in August.

In some places the river still harbors artifacts – reminders that in our quest for development we have left an impact on our forests and rivers.

        Underwater footage of log drive sites by UMASS’s Ed Klekowski & his diving crew, as well as historical photographs, early film footage, contemporary newspaper accounts & personal reminiscences, tell the story of the Connecticut River.  After the film Orford Forester, John O’Brien, and local historian, Art Pease, will facilitate a discussion and answer questions.  (No charge and the library is accessible to all.)

Adult Art Classes at TML-

Starting on April 26, Thursday

We are pleased to support local Artist/Artisan Karl Neubauer who  is offering a drawing skills class for beginner and intermediate adults at the Tenney Memorial Library  on Thursdays from 11:am till @11:45 am-ish.  Instruction will include landscape drawing, perspective drawing,  figure drawing,  portraiture, and observational drawing.  You will experiment with many different media:  graphite, charcoal, pen and in and maybe just a hint of color.    Adult classes are $15.00 per person/per session-materials included.  You can go to fb.me/karlsartschool for more information.  Please contact Karl at 802 866-9094 to register.  All participants must be registered before attending classes.                         email karl@karl-art.com  


Although our most excellent book sales take place in July and late September of the yea, we are HAPPY to accept donations all year round. No textbooks or “smelly” books, please.  This year, in addition to keeping up our collection, we have a number of things that need attention in our beautiful building.  Roof tiles, plaster problems, front and side doors need restoration, painting in a few spots indoors and out, etc.  Successful Book Sales can help defer these expenses.  We appreciate all of your support.

Shakespeare’s birthday is on April 23rd. WS was born 454 years ago and still influences our language and culture. Did you know he invented over 3,000 words and sayings?  Really!  You may be “talking Shakespeare” and you do not even know it!

YES! We have enough people to create an acting company as in Shakespeare’s time.  Did you know that most acting companies then (1500-1600s)had only 5 to 8 actors who played many roles?  More of the genius of WS is how he created plays in which actors might appear in the beginning as certain characters and the audience never sees them again as those people.  Example: the servants in the opening scenes of R & J are not seen again as servants, but do play other parts.

   ***APRIL 23rd, Monday, at 6:30 at Tenney Memorial Library, to celebrate Shakespeare’s birthday, we will begin to read his “Romeo and Juliet.”  This is NOT just a silly love story. When Shakespeare wrote this play he knew that the reigning monarch, Elizabeth I, would see it.  Although he was “pushing the envelope” of acceptable behavior at the time, he needed to be careful.  “Do not be afear’d.”

      Learn an Elizabethan dance, practice Elizabethan compliments and insults.  Contrary to popular misconceptions, Shakespeare did NOT write in Olde English, but in an early version of the English language that we speak today.  You can understand his language! Part of the problem is that there was not a standard dictionary of one kind of accepted spelling.  We might call the Elizabethans “creative spellers.”

“Do not be afear’d.”


This Figure, that thou here feeft put,
It was for gentle Shakefpeare cut;
Wherein the Grauer had a ftrife
with Nature, to out-doo the life:
O, could he but haue drawne his wit
As well in braffe, as he hath hit
His face; the Print would then furpaffe
All, that vvas vvrit in braffe.
But, fince he cannot, Reader, lookeNot on his Picture, but his Booke.

  Remember – “All the world’s a stage.”

As President Harry Truman said,” Not every reader is a leader, but every leader MUST be a reader.”
                     Let’s all try to become leaders in some fashion this year.


EVERY Thursday at 6 o’clock, you are welcome to come to the library  to enjoy a lively game of Scrabble.  Exercise your brain and get out of the house.  For more information contact Elizabeth Burnham: redburn70@gmail,com. (We have multiple boards and a SCRABBLE dictionary should any disputes arise.) All are welcome to join this low stress group.

The Hope-You-Read-the-Book-First Section

A few  readers’ favorite books will be showing on PBS and HBO starting in May.  I really do hope you will read the books first, but both of these venues are known for their quality work, so…..maybe you will read the books after seeing the film versions.

Little Women by Louisa May Alcott starts on PBS on May 13th. I must confess that I reread this book every few years and still find it appealing.  Women dealing with the stringent “rules” of their time while their husband/father is away in the Civil War is an early example of what women always do in war time….they step up and manage.  In addition, they do this in corsets and gigantic puffy, floor length dresses.  Amazing all around!

Fahrenheit 451 by Ray Bradbury was ahead of its time and yet  is of our time now. It will be shown on HBO on May 19th. This book will make you think more about the value of books and the printed word in general.  There is a strong reason why certain people throughout the ages were not allowed to learn how to read.  Words are powerful! ( Find out what the title means.)


                                on The Mantle in the Reading Room

                             New Books for You!

Many new LARGE PRINT books have arrived.  For now, we have placed the newest LP books on the table in the Reading Room.  Enjoy! (Of course, we have a large section of LP books on the shelves.)

 New books arrive every week chosen from the Best Seller lists of the NY Times, suggestions from NPR, and, of course, Oprah’s picks.  Patrons’ requests also figure highly in choosing the books we order.

 Tenney also is very active in the inter-library loan system in Vermont, now called CLoVER. We are happy to  get you just about any book you desire.

                             VERMONT READS – 2018


      COPIES of Bread and Roses, Too are waiting to be picked up at the front desk.

Tenney Memorial Library has been awarded a grant to support Vermont Reads 2018!

The 2018 book has been chosen! It is Vermont’s own Katherine Paterson’s Bread and Roses, TooThis is the true story of the time Vermonters took the children of the striking mill workers from Lawrence, MA into their homes to protect them from the violence that their parents were subjected to as they protested to get better working conditions and higher wages.  This story makes us proud to be Vermonters. (We will again be collaborating with the Newbury Woman’s Club and the Baldwin Memorial Library to sponsor these programs, as well as the Newbury Historical Society).

** Thanks to the librarians at the Bradford Public Library, Katherine Paterson,the author, will be speaking about her book at the Bradford Academy.  Watch this space for the date and time.  (Bread and Roses, Too will be available for you to read before Paterson’s talk.)

                           OSIP   (Oxbow Senior Independence Program)

Can you give 1 hour on a Tuesday at 1:00 PM to read to these seniors?  A “chapter book” that could be continued each week would be great.  Your librarian, Mary Burnham, can help with suggestions. (Volunteers must pass a background check.)

Family Outdoor Adventure Group is taking a vacation.  Look for information in the future.  If spring/summer ever comes back. Meanwhile, get outdoors and enjoy VERMONT!

  **** BEGINNING: Spanish Conversation Group***

        ***NOTE CHANGE OF DAY through MAY***

This class is for beginners. WEDNESDAYs from 5:00 to 6:00ish


APRIL 25th through MAY at  5-6:00

  All beginners are welcome at the library to start & continue your journey in  learning a new language.  No experience necessary.  This is a low stress, supportive class. 


                                Pre-School Story Time

1st & 3rd Tuesday of the month at 10:30am

The preschoolers of “Watch Them Grow- Newbury” walk over two Tuesdays a month with their teachers to enjoy stories read by the librarian or community members. You never know who will attend these story times. (One time two goats visited the children.) All are welcome.

We have been expanding our collection of children’s books and have lots of new ones to pick from.  I especially like the reworking and parodies of some old favorites.  We have “The Seals on the Bus” instead of “The Wheels on the Bus”, for example.  Pretty funny!

NEW! NES After School Program “Books & Reading”

We are welcoming the After School Program on two Tuesday each month to partake in USSR (Uninterrupted Sustained Silent Reading) and some Book Talks at Tenney.


The Circle of Presence Meditation Group

7:00 – 8:30 pm

In an effort to live mindfully and light-heartedly, we come together on Monday from 7:00 – 8:30 PM. to enjoy some wisdom and participate in both sitting and walking meditation. Join this new mindful group. Bring your cushion if you like; chairs provided

                Newbury Book DiscussioGroup                                 1st Thursday of the month –

May 3rd at 7:00 – 8:00 pm

The Stranger by Albert Camus  was chosen for the next book discussion.

The Newbury Book Discussion group is sponsored by the Newbury Woman’s Club and meets on the first Thursday of each month from 7:00-8:00 pm.  Everyone is welcome.

 Pin and Needles Group

9:30 – 11:30 am

The Newbury Woman’s Club “Pins and Needles” group meets on Thursdays from 9:30-11:30 AM. Everyone is welcome! Bring whatever handcraft you are currently working on – knitting, embroidery, felting, quilting, crewel, counted cross stitch, mending, and crochet – anything!  New  people are always welcome.

REMEMBER! We have PUBLIC COMPUTERS for your use, as well as WiFi, and a printer!


Please Support the Tenney Memorial Library

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